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Love your self and everything will fall

Green voice

Green voice is a short feature film directed by the Sudanese director (Razan Hashim) the film is a about a young girl who faced her biggest fears after she took an over dose of a strong drug (green plant) and experienced a terrifying experience when a voice tried to convince her about the destiny of her family. the green plant (Tetra hydro Cannabinol is known by its psychoactive effect that may cause hallucination in large doses starring : Ebaa Ahmed, Maisson Mattar, Asmar khairy, and Ibrahim snoopy music by Anas mohammed Sound engeneer : Zeyo Mann Edited by: Ziryab Dahab production services: Nada Yahya, Israa Mohammed, Marwa Baha, Sheab Eltraify and Maisson Mattar.

Songs of far away Airports

A true story about one of the Sudanese villages in the North of Sudan, where the locals were forces to leave their villages due to several factors such as drought, lack of services, flood, seeking better life opportunities. In this Story,  a nostalgic young woman goes  back to her village where she grew up during the Eighties, she was retieving her memories and the circumstances that led to the migration of the family.

Songs of far away airports is produced by : Alaa Eldeen Sanhory script writer/ director : Razan Hashim DOP : Ahmed Bahhar starring: Azza Ahmed Maisson matar Zeyo Mann Tarig FadlAlmawla Sra Tarig FadlAlmwla Reel Yousi

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