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Kush- Mayada M. Elhassan 

Kush is a name of an ancient Nubian Civilisation located in the land of Nile Valley of Sudan. The Civilisation is considered one of the oldest with a history of more than 300,000 years ago. The Nubians were knows as brave fighters and in this video the fighters were shown since the time of the Nubian Civilization until the time of the famous Sudanese revolutions were protesters were called by the name of a Kings and queens from the Nubian Civilization.

the Song is written by Amani Elamin.

Music Production by: Kerma Productions.

Singer: Mayada Mohammed Elhassan.

Editor: Tayeeb Elasmaa Omer.

Director; Razan Rahama.

Sudan Future campaign

Script: Adil Abel Aati & Razan Rahama.

Editing: Tayeb Elasmaa Omer.

Director: Razan Rahama.

Asmar Khairy & Mahdia- Sotik

Sotik (Your voice) is a revolutionary song created for Women's international day to support women in Sudan who were and still considered a huge part of the Sudanese revolution which started in December 2018 and still trying to topple the regime. Singing: Asmar Khairy & Mahdia Editing: Tayeb Alasmaa Omer Art Director: Razan Hashim Rahama

Songs of Farway airports

A true story about one of the Sudanese villages in the North of Sudan, where the locals were forces to leave their villages due to several factors such as drought, lack of services, flood, seeking better life opportunities. In this Story,  a nostalgic young woman goes  back to her village where she grew up during the Eighties, she was retieving her memories and the circumstances that led to the migration of the family.

Songs of far away airports is produced by : Alaa Eldeen Sanhory script writer/ director : Razan Hashim DOP : Ahmed Bahhar starring: Azza Ahmed Maisson matar Zeyo Mann Tarig FadlAlmawla Sra Tarig FadlAlmwla Reel Yousi

Talents-The lockdown song

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