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Razan Rahama

Razan Hashim Rahama is A Sudanese director and Filmmaker, she was graduated from Faculty of pharmacy in 2013,  after graduation worked in various community pharmacies and Medical Companies. Razan was Passionate about  filmmaking since she was a student at the  University, she created her first her film in 2012, and was rewarded by the staff of teachers in the university. After graduation she started creating short fiction films, her films "School’s  road " and "existence" participated in local and international festivals and  have won recognised awards. After that created and directed several short films and musical video for well known artist. Her films are characters that go deeper into our subconscious, she tries to express complex human feelings such as nostalgia, fears, love, forgiveness and dreams in simple direct and indirect dialogues as she's fascinated by drama and psychodrama films. In Sudan there are many successful female filmmakers , Razan believes that it’s because women in Sudan have many issues that need to be discussed and expressed, therefore, women in Sudan who are involved in cinema industry will leave a great impact on Sudanese and international film theatres. Razan is Currently studying at the Polish Academy of Social sciences and philosophy in Warsaw Poland.

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